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Total Demolition, Interior Demolition, Selective Demolition, Land Clearing, and Disaster Relief

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Demolition Gods is a turn key service with over a decade of demolition experience. We have in-house end to end permitting, notary, and county recording services.

Our Process is Simple: You call us, we come out and give a Free Estimate of the project. Once we have all the permits and clearance to proceed, we move in and are ready for action!

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Total Demolition

Complete removal of one or more structures, in their entirety, down to dirt.

We specialize in removal of residential and commercial structures both quickly and efficiently . With a complete demolition team in place we will provide dedicated guidance regarding advanced means and methods, ensuring that the company’s project teams employ the most advanced approaches to total demolition.

Selective Demolition

Removal of one or more parts of a structure, with certain areas scheduled to remain. Selective Demolition is a very delicate processes that requires a detailed approach.

Interior Demolition

Selective demolition of interior finishes, typically performed prior to a remodel.

Our goal on every interior strip out is to be safe, swift, clean, and largely unnoticed—minimizing the impact to surrounding tenants.  Our service includes the removal and responsible disposal of all demolition debris.

Pool Demolition

Remove your old pool without compromising the integrity of your home.

Unsafe Structure

An unsafe structure is one that is found to be dangerous to the life, health, property or safety of the public. The structure is so damaged, decayed, dilapidated, structurally unsafe, or of such faulty construction or unstable foundation, that partial or complete collapse is possible.You can count on us to remove the structure methodically and safely. 

Vessel Deconstruction

Is a type of ship disposal involving the breaking up of ships for either a source of parts, which can be sold for re-use, or for the extraction of raw materials.Also an opportunity to Salvage valuable items off of your vessel.

Land Clearing

Mass clearance of trees, grub, and organic material, etc. leaving the site clean.

Land Clearing is an important aspect of property development. We are experts in removing obstacles such as tree stumps, overgrown roots, boulders and any unwanted trees.


Disaster Relief

Includes hurricanes, wildfires, tropical storms, severe storms, floods, coastal storms, and tornadoes. We clean up all debris  quickly and safely.

Notary Public

In house Notary Public available to notarize all permit documents , NOC’s etc.

Demolition Permitting

Before you can begin your demolition project the proper permits must be in place. We offer in house end to end permitting. 

This process includes:

– Demolition Permit Submittal

– Permit Preparation

– Sub Permits

– NOC County Recording 

– Notary Service

– Contractor Registration

– Drop of Pick up

– Environmental Review

– Schedule Inspections

– Permit Close Out

Licensed & Insured

About Us

Demolition Gods is a family owned and operated demolition company. We are fully licensed and insured with over a decade of experience and over 1,000 total demolitions completed. We have experience in demolishing a wide range of structures from residential structures and commercial buildings to yachts and airplane hangers.

We stay up-to-date with best practices in the demolition industry. We offer a diverse selection of demolition services, and specialize in total demolitions. We are here to provide you with solutions for all your demolition needs!